Smart, simple & ultra-efficient monitoring that keeps your business safe.

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Comm-Core Security Is a Complete Suite of Interactive Security and Monitoring Services

Introducing the industry’s most complete suite of advanced security, awareness, and energy management solutions. Monitor and manage your business - view live feeds, receive alerts, control utilities, and more on site or remotely. With 24-7 access, your business is always protected and running smoothly no matter where you are.

The Smart, Simple and Highly Effective Monitoring Solution That Keeps Your Business Safe (And Actually Saves You Money)

Easy Web Management Dashboard -
Add/Remove Users, Arm & Disarm, Automate Utilities

Professionally Monitored Security

Reliable & Secure Cellular Connection

Access Anywhere with Our Mobile App

Auto Arm & Disarm Schedule - Open & Close

Simple Multi-Site Dashboard

Real-Time Activity Alerts & Notifications

Business Automation & Energy Management

Business Monitoring and Security…Done Right!

Let’s face it; the security of your business is essential. No matter if you’re a single property business or a larger, medium sized business with multiple locations… making sure everything is safe and secure from attacks, or even theft, is critical. The solution is Comm-Core Security, a complete suite of advanced security, awareness and energy management solutions. With 24/7/365 access, there’s peace of mind knowing that your business is protected and always running smooth no matter where you are. 


Complete Control…Right At Your Fingertips!

We offer a wide range of commercial services that are impossible not to absolutely love. It all starts with ease of use. Thanks to our smart mobile technology, you to have complete control right at your fingertips. Our mobile management platform allows you to access and control all of your settings via your smartphone or tablet and receive any important alerts as well.


Professional Level Security

With Comm-Core Security the days of tampering, power outages and service interruptions are a thing of the past. Our professional level security and its “Crash & Smash” protection feature ensures your business is protected at all times. 


Our system also empowers you to…


•  Manage employee user codes across as many locations you need

•  Arm or disarm your security system remotely with a few taps on your smartphone

•  Easily remove employee user codes in the case of terminated employees

•  Set your own custom and fully automated arming schedules for your security

•  Manage ALL of your business site locations in one user-friendly online dashboard


Get INSTANT Business Insights and Alerts

Traveling or being off-site no longer means you cannot monitor the activities at your business thanks to our Instant Business Insights. Thanks to customizable alerts, you instantly know what’s going on with your business when you want.


•  Easily check your security system, remotely, to see if it’s currently armed or disarmed

•  Find out who was the last person to arm or disarm your security system

•  Get an instant alert if your business is not opened up on time

•  Monitor useful trends for sensor, lock and arming activities

•  Receive instant image alerts for specific activities with our Image Sensor


Enjoy Easy Energy Management and Automation

Sometimes in a business, energy issues can become a costly problem. Lights get left on by accident. Thermostats are not adjusted appropriately. All of these little things can add up. But with our energy management and automation services, you’re always in full control of energy consumption in your business so everything remains comfortable, all while you minimize energy waste and increase your bottom line!


- REMOTE THERMOSTAT CONTROL: Easily control your smart thermostats automatically from your smartphone or tablet while you are away or “on the go”. Keep your business at the appropriate temperature and prevent employees from making changes. If changes are made to the thermostat or a refrigerator door is left open, you’ll get an instant notification. 


- SIMPLE SCHEDULED LIGHTING: It can be easy to leave lights on too long, or on by mistake. With scheduled lighting, you schedule which lights you want turned on, and when. You not only reduce the cost of electricity but also keep your business secure and well-lit even during off hours. 


- ACCURATE ENERGY MONITORING: Find out where energy is being wasted within your business. With our daily Energy Monitoring feature, you’ll quickly and easily identify where you are using the most energy. Energy Monitoring reports reveal the biggest opportunities where you can reduce waste and save big bucks on your energy bill! 


Monitor and manage your business - view live feeds, receive alerts, control utilities, and more on site or remotely.