Smart video monitoring & surveillance for your business.


Enjoy State-of-The-Art Video Surveillance That’s Loaded With Features and Functionality!

Experience the ultimate in security, quality, and reliability.

Comm-Core Surveillance is a state-of-the-art, video surveillance solution built on the world’s best streaming and storage technologies using the “cloud”. The result is a leaner, higher quality service that costs less to operate than competing products and scales perfectly for any size business.


All The Main Features You Need Under One Roof!

Cloud-Based Streaming

Live & Recorded Video

Commercial-Grade Cameras

Indoor, Outdoor & Wireless Models Available

Offsite Storage - Prevents Lost or Stolen Video

Multi-Site Dashboard

Simple Search & Quick Access

24/7 Monitoring & Notifications

Continuous & Motion Detection Recording

Quick Image & Video Download

HD Video & Image Recording

Camera Scheduling - Record When You Want​

Meeting Your Demands For Security Surveillance!

When it comes to keeping your business safe and secure, video surveillance is something to take very seriously. Unfortunately, there are so many aspects to consider and options to choose from that it can make the entire process frustrating. However, we here at Comm-Core take the confusion out of the decision making process with our Hosted Video Surveillance Solutions! We understand that every business is unique and that each has its own type of security needs. That’s why we offer a custom tailored solution to fit your business’ exact needs from our wide range of hosted or blended environment video surveillance solutions.


Introducing The Innovative: Caught On Cloud

Caught On Cloud™ is Comm-Core’s new state-of-the-art secure hosted video surveillance solution that’s built on the world’s best streaming and storage technologies using the “cloud”. Caught On Cloud™ gives you the ultimate solution in security, scalability, quality and reliability. Simply take any of our video surveillance security cameras, place them where needed, and then connect to our Comm-Core open platform using our simple instructions. Then you’ll be all set! 


Once you’re connected, we take it from there. Comm-Core Surveillance delivers worldwide coverage with a solid 99.95% uptime service commitment that ensures that everything is always up and running smoothly. Not only do we provide you with high quality and reliable video surveillance, but we provide a fantastic user experience as well! 

How Can Cloud Based Video Surveillance Help You?

•  Video surveillance can be a quick deterrent to stop crime attempts BEFORE they happen

•  If a crime does occur, it’ll be captured on clear video and the criminals can be caught

•  It allows for quality assurance and efficiency in the workplace

•  It also helps with employee monitoring and safety


Affordability and Flexibility…At It’s Very Best!

Comm-Core Surveillance is perfect for businesses of all sizes, big or small, with one location or hundreds. Along with our exceptional and professional service, we also offer the most competitive pricing as well. We’re literally changing the face of video surveillance. By utilizing modern day technologies, we’ve created a leaner, higher quality service that actually costs less to operate than competing products. We take those savings and pass them onto you, the client, to make a truly state-of-the-art, affordable video surveillance system! 


We Currently Offer 3 Types of Video Surveillance Systems

1. 100% On Premise Systems

2. Hybrid Systems (Premise System, but backs up all data to the cloud)

3. 100% Hosted Systems (Everything is stored on the cloud)

Unmatched In Security & Affordability – It’s The Video Surveillance Of The Future, That’s Available Today!