The Internet-based Phone Service That’s Reliable, Affordable & Customized To Your Exact Needs!


Telephone Service For Businesses 

Leave your outdated, traditional phone system for the new versatility, ease of use and flexibility of a phone system powered by the Cloud. For over a decade, Comm-Core has added “big business” features to this affordable solution to create today’s best quality business phone systems for companies of all shapes and sizes.

Virtual Receptionist

Call Recording

Call Conferencing

Call Queues

Call Park

Call Spy & Listen Whisper

Call Screening & Blocking

Paging / Intercom

Employee & Group Extensions

Music + Message on hold

Find Me, Follow Me

Voicemail to Email

Office / After Hours Management

Plus over 45 other features!

All The Main Features You Need Under One Roof!

Fitting All Your Phone Service Needs Into ONE Great Service!

When it comes to finding the perfect phone system that is fully capable of meeting all the demands and interests of your business, it can be downright overwhelming and even frustrating. Comm-Core understands that as a business owner, you have to take into account multiple considerations in order to make the correct choice.


Thanks to Comm-Core Telecommunications, a powerful VoIP communication solution, not only do you get a complete phone system that meets all of your needs, you also get a phone system that is reliable, affordable, and also works seamlessly with your own business. 



Internet Powered Business-Class Phone Service…

Business owners are saving money, time and resources by leaving their outdated, traditional phone service and experiencing the new versatility, ease of use and flexibility of a phone system powered by the Internet. This expanding, cloud-based technology uses Internet Protocol (IP) to provide a phone system (PBX) its functionality, or an IP-PBX. This system can be hosted inside or outside your business, depending on your needs, to provide you the fastest, most reliable and affordable phone service available today. 


For over a decade now, Comm-Core has been perfecting this technology from its infancy to provide today’s best quality VoIP phone systems for businesses of all shapes and sizes. By using Blended Architecture, which combines the aspects of on premise and Hosted VoIP solutions, Comm-Core has the versatility to provide scalable and feature-rich phone solutions for any business owner. We deliver an amazing 99.999% uptime of business class IP services and also use a 40GB “backbone” to smoothly run our Hosted VoIP platform!

“No matter the size of your business or organization, or the number of locations you may have, Comm-Core’s VoIP phone service and communication solutions have you covered and connected. You can now easily connect multiple locations all into one central phone system!”